Feeling and Revealing

“To feel is perhaps the most terrifying thing in this society.” – Cecil Taylor Cecil Taylor is a jazz pianist who just happens to also be a bona fide, all-around genius. This blog post isn’t about him or about jazz or about music, but it IS about FEELING. That’s why I opened with this quote: …

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Serenity, or Equanimity?

The literature of Alcoholics Anonymous makes a huge deal out of the notion of “serenity.” Serenity appears to be the primary goal of physical, emotional and spiritual sobriety. But the literature never actually defines it. Here’s a dictionary definition: SERENE: 1: clear and free of storms or unpleasant change 2: marked by or suggestive of …

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Dealing With Your Inner Critics: The “Itty-Bitty Shitty Committee”

The “Itty-Bitty Shitty Committee” is a humorous, but all too accurate name for the chorus of negative, self-sabotaging, critical voices most folks in recovery carry around in their heads. These inner critics continually tell us, with a great deal of urgency, that we are not good enough, we are an impostor or fake, a loser, …

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Trudging the Road of Happy Destiny

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, very often verbal sharing and written documents about recovery tend to idealize it; i.e. to focus almost exclusively on the positive or happy side of recovery and to focus on the elegant and idealized spiritual principles underlying recovery. To me, this gives newcomers and even people …

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