Dr. Dean Robb’s years of personal experience, astute knowledge and insights into psychological blocks, defenses, self-defeating patterns, and fears – combined with the compassion and empathy of hearing and validating the difficulty of overcoming these types of blocks, while mapping out a step-by-step, weekly course of accountable actions to address – has proven extremely powerful and effective. His depth of understanding and wisdom indicates very clearly to me that he has walked the walk, and is not waving magic wands and sidestepping inner work and awareness that often needs to occur side by side with the more outer actions. In other words, he has an unusual ability to effectively merge both cognitive-based behavioral changes with a deep empathetic ability to sense and touch on the inner psychic elements and wounds that often create blocks to live our lives more fully. It’s the balance of both elements here that makes Dean a powerful resource.

Here are the specifics of our work together:  Working with Dean Robb as a coach has proven very beneficial to my growth in my creative professional acting career, while balancing my business as a computer database consultant. One of issues I’ve been struggling with was the lack of discipline of practicing my art on a daily basis, and in developing a curriculum and executing it.

Working through my gigantic resistance to doing this revealed many illuminating insights into unconscious beliefs that have held me back (e.g. it’s too late, I don’t have the time, how can I decide what to do, what if I’m not perfect, etc., etc.). At the same time, small steps were taken on a weekly basis to start to address these issues. Over time, a curriculum was established, and then finally, with much resistance, it was put into place on a daily basis, which included 30-35 minutes of specific daily acting/ singing/ accent/ voice exercises.

The power of finally doing this, and gifting myself with the chance to honor and nurture my talent, was huge for me. My major resistance to any type of discipline has deep roots, but overcoming it was made possible through my work with Dean. I had some breakthroughs in my acting and some outside affirmations as well, such as booking the title role in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus, and this week having a 3rd callback for a leading role in a TV miniseries.

–  Don M., New York

Just wanted to share with you how happy and free I feel today. I used to agonize over Valentine’s Day…

I either was with an unavailable person, or just single and lonely…

But since I’ve been working on myself with you I feel different today…

I’m still single but I feel joyous and free

– Stephanie G.

I have known Dean Robb for several years. During that time, Dean has proven himself to be one of the most important people in my life. His steadfast support has been indispensible as I have pursued my recovery from substance abuse, as well as my commitment to continuing spiritual and emotional growth. If there is one thing that I can say about Dean without any reservation, it is that he continues to be willing to engage in the process that makes change at depth possible. What has made the difference for me, more than anything else, is his willingness to engage in the hard work of emotional confrontation in a non-judgmental way while, at the same time, being an example from his own personal experience. This has proven to be the link that has made it possible for me to face myself, knowing that I am not alone; that there are others who have been down the path and can serve as friends along the way.

–    Joel.R., New York


Dean has been a godsend to me. I struggled with my recovery for years, and Dean helped me get clear about what I needed to do in my recovery, and about what I wanted to achieve for myself. Working together with Dean, I finally got sober and learned how to pursue my life goals. I feel like I’m finally living with authenticity and integrity. Many thanks to Dean.

– Jim G., New Jersey

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