Why Dr. Robb?

My competence and expertise have been hard-forged in the intense crucible of personal experience, tempered with knowledge, awareness and insight acquired through extensive academic /clinical training and research. On top of that, I have lengthy practical experience in the worlds of corporations, training, facilitation, organizational development consulting, and performance improvement consulting.

Been There and Done That

I have direct personal experience in every area I coach. If I don’t have experience with something, I won’t coach it. I have over 30 years of continuous recovery. I’ve successfully overcome addiction, family-of-origin abuse and trauma, childhood religious abuse, codependency, adult-child-of-alcoholism issues, and crippling depression, anxiety and shame. I’ve hit several painful bottoms in recovery, each of which propelled me into a new life out of the ashes of the old one. I’ve built a real Self after coming into recovery with no sense of Self whatsoever. I’ve had a successful 20 year corporate career, a successful 15 year consulting career, and a successful 10 year coaching career. I’m happily married and we’ve been together for over 15 years. And, I got a PhD degree in recovery. It’s been an amazing journey!

Deep Clinical Understanding

I have a Masters Degree in Human Development and a PhD Degree in Human Development and Organizational Development. I’ve done extensive doctoral research into the process of emotional and spiritual reinvention and renewal – i.e. hitting bottom and rebuilding a new life that works, out of the ashes of the old one. I have also taken extensive recovery coaching training that lasted a full year.

My long process of inner work combined with in-depth research has given me great intellectual, emotional and spiritual depth. I’m profoundly insightful into human behavior, emotions, and dynamics. My approach honors both the practical, hands-on aspects of recovery from addiction and other self-destructive behaviors, as well as the inner “depth work” required to transform oneself, at a core level, into a truly sober, healthy and balanced individual.

One Size Does Not Fit All

I understand that when it comes to recovery, “one size definitely does NOT fit all”. I get to know every client on a deep level as an individual, and treat them as such. I don’t force-fit any rigid, predetermined recovery approach onto anyone I work with. I encourage clients to find and develop their own personal spirituality and life path, one tailored to their individual temperament and needs.


I have integrity. I’m genuine and down to earth. I accept all kinds of people and the issues they face. I’m an excellent listener. I’m honest and direct, yet also compassionate and nonjudgmental.

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