I Can Help You Find Your Inner Gold


How It Works

Our Next Stage Recovery™ Process can help you identify what stands in your way, and create the life you’ve always wanted!


Why Dr. Robb

My approach honors both the practical aspects of recovery as well as the inner “depth work” required to transform into a sober, healthy and balanced individual.


Coaching Process

My intention is to work with you. I will work with you to create an arrangement that fits your financial and life circumstances.

As a recovery coach, I help people in recovery who suffer from the lingering effects of codependency, childhood abuse and trauma – or who suspect that that might be suffering under their influence. Often (but not always) my clients are clean and sober from alcoholism, drug addiction or other addiction – i.e. people who know how to stay clean, but are not happy in their recovery. Their “status quo” recovery disciplines no longer do the trick in keeping them serene and happy. Just as often, my clients are not addicts, but who suffer from the lingering damage of codependency – from growing up in an abusive or dysfunctional home.

Here are a few signs and symptoms that you are ready to move to the “next stage” of recovery. Maybe you are…

  • Asking yourself “Is that all there is?”
  • Worried about hitting a new “bottom” in recovery.
  • Deeply unhappy or unfulfilled.
  • Facing unfamiliar, unsettling issues that are not addressed “in the rooms,” such as codependency or childhood abuse, neglect and trauma.
  • Feeling stuck in the wrong career, or stalled in the right one.
  • Encountering baffling challenges in an intimate relationship.
  • Dealing with intractable family problems.
  • Going through a dry patch spiritually – feeling empty and disconnected.
  • Feeling like you’re living someone else’s life instead of your own.
  • Not sure where to turn.

It’s time to take your recovery to the next stage. At Next Stage Recovery, I believe that everyone in recovery deserves a great life – one that truly works on all levels – not just staying clean, but also living a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and deeply meaningful.

However, a great life doesn’t happen by itself or by accident. It takes concentrated, focused effort on two parallel tracks. The first is working on the “outer” aspects of life, like a great career, a great relationship, etc. My experience, however, is that focusing ONLY on the outer aspects of life simply won’t work. The “inner” aspects of life must also be addressed. We must face the deeply embedded, problematic, emotional issues that ceaselessly undermine our efforts at creating a meaningful, successful life.

That is the purpose of Next Stage Recovery. I want YOU to have the kind of life you dream about. I can help you build your ideal life by helping you deal with BOTH the “inner” and the “outer” dimensions of recovery.”

Take your recovery to the Next Stage:
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