Issues Addressed

  • Navigating Next Stage recovery: First Stage recovery is about fitting in; Next Stage recovery
    is about becoming your true self and building a life that works for YOU.
  • Secondary Addictions/Compulsions:  Shopping, sex, food, internet usage, workaholism, etc.
  • Starting Over/Reinvention: Rebounding from a new bottom in recovery and rebuilding a new,
    more satisfying life.
  • Codependence: Being excessively focused on another person to the detriment of one’s own life journey.
  • Adult Child Issues: Emotional, behavioral, and relationship problems stemming from growing up in an alcoholic and/or abusive family of origin.
  • Religious Abuse: Spiritual and emotional problems stemming from being raised in a rigid, highly dogmatic, fundamentalist religion/cult. Moving beyond fundamentalism and creating a mature spirituality.
  • Career: Being stuck in an unfulfilling career, stalled in a current job, being under-employed, under-paid, or under-appreciated.
  • Intimate Relationships: Problems holding onto relationships, with dysfunctional or codependent relationships, communication problems, boundary problems or unfulfilling relationships.
  • Family: Problems maintaining healthy, balanced relationships, with good boundaries, with family members.
  • Social Life: Difficulties building a satisfying social life, making friends, or holding onto friends.
  • Spiritual Life: Building a more meaningful, personal spirituality; one better suited to your true inner self.

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