Coaching Arrangements

My intention is to work with you. I will work with you to create an arrangement that fits your financial and life circumstances. So contact me and let’s work something out so you can get moving toward your new life!

I think it is important, though, to share my experience regarding what type of arrangement is generally most effective. The keyword here is commitment. I have found that my most successful clients make a strong commitment to themselves, to me, and to really digging in and doing the work over a significant period of time.

Typically, they commit to weekly coaching for at least 6 months. The effect of this level of commitment is that by the end of that time, they have laid the foundation for the next phase of their life – their Next Stage Recovery. They have made serious progress in dealing with their core issues, and with defining and beginning to build the key elements of their new life’s transformation – their relaunch, so to speak, into a brand new life of fulfillment, health, balance and well-being.

But I put all of that in YOUR hands. YOU are in the driver’s seat. YOU are empowered to make the decision that you believe will work for YOU.

NEXT STAGE RECOVERY includes . . .

  • Private coaching with me.
  • E-mail support & accountability notes, between phone sessions.
  • Emergency phone check-ins, as needed.
  • An action plan with specific goals & commitments, based on your priorities, each week.
  • My full attention, engagement, commitment and support — and 30+ years of expertise.

Take your recovery to the Next Stage: Contact Me to Book Your Free Exploratory Session.

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