I was a recent guest on the Overcoming Codependency Podcast/Video Cast. Be sure to sign up for their upcoming sessions.  Listen below:

Listen to my newest podcast appearance on episode 39 of the Addiction Support Podcast titled Realizing Your Potential. Click here to listen.

I was a guest on the Addiction Support Podcast and recorded an episode that focused on PTSD and addressing emotional trauma from childhood. You can download episode AP035 on iTunes and Android.

Listen to this new podcast I was a guest on for Keeping It Sober. In the podcast we discuss a few things in post-addiction that we can do in order self-discover who we are. Click HERE to Listen

Listen to my new podcast interview with Omar Pinto of SHAIR: What to do when you’ve been clean and sober for a while, built a new life, but it starts coming undone because your deeper issues start to surface, causing self-sabotaging behaviors that undermine what you have built. Click HERE to listen to the episode.

Listen to four podcasts that I recorded with Brian Pisor of Codependency No More below.

CNM 017: Next Stage Recovery Overview with Dr. Dean Robb

CNM 018: Hitting a “New Bottom” in Recovery – with Dr. Robb

CNM 020: Mine Your “Shame Core” – with Dr. Dean Robb

CNM 021: Individuation & Relinquishing the “False Self” – with Dr. Dean Robb

Now that you’ve learned more about what Next Stage Recovery is all about, and how I work with clients to help them navigate it and create the life their heart desires, why not give me a call? Let’s talk about what you’re going through, where you want to go, and how I can help you! You can contact me right here.

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