What Are Core Issues?

Next Stage Recovery™ often means addressing one or more Core Issues. Core Issues are old, embedded behaviors, beliefs and attitudes that are self-defeating and block a smooth flow in life. While you are unique, certain Core Issues often crop up. For instance, you might need to:  

  • Let go of other addictions – compulsive eating, shopping, gambling, or sex, workaholism, internet addiction, etc.
  • Let go of shame – the ingrained, pervasive, unconscious belief that you don’t deserve love or a good life because you are worthless.
  • Let go of the false self (or mask) developed as a survival mechanism in childhood to protect your inner self from abuse.
  • Let go of coping behaviors that served you in the past, but have now become self-defeating.
  • Let go of perfectionism – the obsession to be perfect in everything, to be the absolute best at everything you do, for a never-ending string of accomplishments, possessions, etc.
  • Let go of exciting – but dysfunctional – relationships or jobs that help you stay a few steps ahead of the emptiness and pain still buried deep down inside.
  •  Let go of people who hold you back because they are uncomfortable with you growing and changing.
  •  Stop seeking “parents” – people to take care of you because of difficulty taking full responsibility for your life.
  •  Stop playing “parent” – taking care of people who have difficulty taking responsibility for their life.
  • Renew your spiritual life – deepen and expand your relationship with a Higher Source; heal inner wounds from childhood religious abuse/trauma.

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